Wednesday, May 4, 2016


today after the surgery i woke up to the best news i could've heard. i'm not gonna speak too soon and say that i'm fixed (i'll know in like a month), but i'm hopeful. my recollection isn't perfect because of the anesthesia, but basically, the doctor found and fixed two major problems. my ECU tendon had degenerated (bunch of microtears basically); he debrided this. my FCU tendon had "calcified" in one area which basically means turned to stone due to calcium deposits. he said he debrided like 1/10th of this tendon. these 2 problems would explain the pains in the back/side of the wrist, and front of the wrist, respectively. at long last everything seemingly adds up. i'm hopeful that this doctor saved my career today but i know better than to say for sure. i'll let you guys know in a month or so